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Welcome to What If? Colorado – a statewide effort to educate Coloradans about the importance of emergency preparedness and public health.

How prepared would you be if a sudden emergency struck, such as a severe snowstorm or power outage? Would you have the basic items needed to survive for a few hours or even days if you were stranded at home, work or in your car? What about longer-term emergencies like an outbreak of pandemic influenza? Would you have the items you would need to stay homebound for weeks at a time?

Pack A Kit.
What If? Colorado wants to make it easy for Coloradans to assemble an emergency preparedness kit. Click here to view an emergency preparedness calculator that can help you determine what supplies you need to store. Click here to learn more about the campaign’s partnership with Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club locations across the state and how you can better protect yourself during an emergency.

Learn More About Preparedness.
Learn more about emergency preparedness by watching episodes from our What If? Colorado reality competition. In September 2007, nine contestants from across the state spent three days in a house in downtown Denver and faced a multitude of emergency preparedness challenges.