Why Send a Message?

My son Nick was killed in a car accident in February 2018. I joined the fraternity of parents who carry the deep grief of a lost child.

I realized a few days into my journey that love is all you leave of any importance as you pass from this world.

Hearing my son’s voice saying, “Hi Mum, How are you, just checking in. I love you”, would mean everything to me. He could be alive in my memory, if only for a few seconds. I miss his voice.

In thinking how precious a message like this would be to me, I realized that we all need to tell those we care about that we love them TODAY. How simple but important this act could be.

Yes it would be invaluable to have a message when the sender passes away, but more important we should share our love right now, while the recipient can hear our message. Lifting someone up TODAY is an invaluable act. 

Take a minute.
     Send a message.
          It will mean everything to the receipient 
               and it will remind you how fortunate you are to have this person in your life.

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How to create a great message

Using our Message tool, you can record and send a message of love right now.

Send messages to your mother, father, brothers, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, partners, friends, steps, teachers, co-workers, neighbors… special people who have touched your life.

More than just a regular voicemail, this is an opportunity to tell this person why they are special to you. Describe how they make you feel. Provide details on why you believe they are so extraordinary.

Consider highlighting a couple of special memories. For inspiration, draw from holidays, events, places you traveled, milestones, foods you shared, tender moments, big achievements or everyday occurrences. Think about those memories that you carry in your heart that remind you of them. Use 819-326-9884 to help you gather your thoughts before recording. 

Just chat, say “hi”, tell the person why they are special to you, mention a shared memory that means a lot to you both. End with telling them that you love them. It’s that simple and has the power to light up a day.

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Send a message

Send a message:

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When you are done review the message. When you are happy, “click submit”.

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