Promoting economic opportunity, security, and public advocacy in and for Israel.

Effecting Real Change in the Middle East

Daily we are bombarded with frightening images from the Middle East. From the relative safety of our world in the West most grow increasingly apathetic as we feel helpless to make a real difference in a place so far away with conflicts that appear to be so complex. But we at ARISE believe there is a way out of apathy.

We have found that it's possible to effect real change in the Middle East by working through leaders, teams and organizations in Israel with a proven track record of making an impact in the areas of human rights, economic empowerment and security.

ARISE works to bridge the gap between people in the West and change-makers in the Middle East. We begin with education and we move toward action that makes a measurable difference.


ARISE provides financial support to non-profit, charitable and educational organizations in the Middle East. Entities eligible for support conduct programs to advance the ideals of peace, human rights and economic empowerment.

We would love for you to join our growing movement of people who work together to make life better for millions of people in the Middle East, and in turn bring hope and peace to the rest of the world.