.NET Spreadsheet Component

Fast / Powerful / Free / Open Source

High compatibility with Excel 2007 format

Working with .NET, .NET client profile, WPF, Android

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Excel Format Compatible

Excel Format Compatible

Powerful free component to show, edit, print, export and import Excel spreadsheet in .NET application.

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Install ReoGrid via NuGet

PM> Install-Package unvell.ReoGrid.dll
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Hello World

var worksheet = reoGridControl1.CurrentWorksheet;
worksheet.Cells["A1"].Data = "Hello World!";
worksheet.Cells["A1"].Style.TextColor = Color.Red;

Load from Excel file

See Documentation.

Excel Compatibility

Loading and saving Excel format, including style, format, drawings and charts.

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Small / Fast / Powerful

Display 100 thousand rows per one second; Up to 300 times faster than similar products


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Multiple Platform

One component with same API, for both Windows Form and WPF platform